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Learning together

Key Stage 3 units

These lesson materials are part of a wider set of NATE materials based on the Entitlement Document. Like that document, the resources are divided into six areas - follow the links for descriptions of the content of each unit:
  1. Exploring and investigating
  2. Responding and interpreting
  3. Reflecting and evaluating
  4. Composing and transforming
  5. Presenting and performing
  6. Communicating and collaborating

The resources are all in word processor format so that you can adapt them for your classroom.

Please note:

  • These resouces were written at the time of the old National Curriculum for England and Wales, so the curriculum references may be out-of-date. We hope, however, that you will find that the activities described here are still worth trying out the the classroom.
  • Some of these resources are included in pre-publication form and so may contain references to links, etc, for the editorial team. Please ignore these.
We should be very grateful for any comments you wish to make on these materials.