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The resources here should work using a standard web browser. Click on the navigation bar along the top of each page to go the different sections; the Resources section has a drop-down menu of its own. To find more good materials to support English teaching, see our primers on ICT in English for both teachers and students. In time, web links and other references may become out of date, so visit the NATE website for the latest versions and for more guidance.

If any of the documents fail to open, see the software suggestions below.


These free software programs will enable you to use any documents here if you do not already have suitable software installed. If you are using a school or college computer you may need to contact IT support about installation.
Get Adobe Reader



Download Audacity
  • Adobe Reader: to read documents in Acrobat (PDF) format.
  • Libre Office and Open Office: choose one of these free office suites to read and create Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel files as well as Open Office files - and produce your own Acrobat (PDF) files
  • Audacity: sound recording and editing software - see the case studies on using Audacity
  • VLC media player: a player for sound and video files, including DVDs
  • The GIMP: an image manipulation program for photo retouching, image composition and more
  • Open Source Schools: for more information about open source (free) software in schools

Copying these materials and copyright

You are free to copy the materials here and adapt them for use in your own institution. However, the content remains the property of NATE and the contributors. Please acknowledge NATE if you use our materials and provide a link to our website,, so others can find our resources for themselves. The design of this CD and the images, including the NATE logo, are copyright and may not be reproduced without permission. The photographs are © of the DfE and are used with permission. You must obtain permission to reproduce any material on other sites, such as resources linked from the case studies, from the copyright holders concerned.

If you would like to make further copies of these resources for distribution outside a single institution, whether for educational or commercial use, please contact NATE and we shall be happy to discuss this with you.

Comments and feedback

If you have any comments or suggestions about these resources, please see the contact page for how to get in touch.