NATE publications

NATE has a number of high-quality publications on using ICT in English, full of practical advice and ready-made materials. Like all NATE publications, they can be bought from NATE's online shop. NATE members also benefit from regular features about ICT in the Association's magazines.

Sharing, not Staring

Sharing not Staring steers teachers towards using the interactive whiteboard in ways which purposefully tap into its huge potential to make teaching more interactive, more exciting, creative and enjoyable. From conjuring tricks with Word and creative idea for PowerPoint to puzzles with the spotlight and the potentail of images, the activities emphasise the questions rather than pat answers.

The activities can be undertaken with any of the popular brands of interactive whiteboard. A CD is included with materials which relate to specific units within the book and which offer additional texts and other resources.

Unlocking Poetry

Unlocking Poetry, supplied on CD, is a wonderful tool for getting pupils to engage with the words, forms and rhythms of poetry for GCSE. AQA, OCR Edexcel and WJEC anthologies are addressed and all the pre-1914 poems are reproduced in full. A brief introduction leads you to a long list of the featured poems (both pre- and post-1914). Every one of them has suggestions for activities which allow such wide range of skilful response that most pupils will be led into testing their own capacity for both analysis and invention. This NATE publication (originally called Unlocking Literature) is now published by Routledge.

Twenty Things to do with a Word Processor

This book and CD present 20 practical activities suitable for secondary English work, based on classroom experience rather than idealistic scenarios. Each activity comprises a teacher's page of explanation and a photocopiable pupils' page.

Improving Literacy with ICT: ideas and resources for ages 7-11

Improving Literacy with ICT by Trevor Millum, a NATE publication now re-issued by Continuum, is a very practical and entertaining compendium of stimulating ideas designed to help primary teachers make the most of their ICT resources. It outlines simply and clearly many activities which can employ computers imaginatively for both introducing and practising a variety of English skills.