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Guidance on English and ICT

Policy matters: the role of ICT in English teaching and learning

NATE's guidance and discussion on the role of ICT in English teaching and learning appears here in two major documents. Click on the links below or use the navigation menu above to see them. Please contact the ICT Committee if you have any comments or questions.

Entitlement to ICT in secondary English

This document offers guidance on the uses of ICT that make a distinctive contribution to teaching and learning in English. It includes a number of practical examples with screenshots and links for further information.

ICT in English: A NATE Position Paper

NATE's English and ICT Committee has produced a position paper to stimulate thinking and debate about the role of ICT in the English classroom. It summarises the situation as we see it in schools, outlines some of the advantages of the new technologies and highlights concerns and areas for further exploration.