Interactive whiteboard resources
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Resources for interactive whiteboards

These resources were created by NATE for Steljes, the UK distributors for SMART Boards. These activities can work with or without an interactive whiteboard, though they are designed to make use of the potential the board offers.

Each lesson idea is outlined on a sheet designed to be printed out (a PDF file) to guide you through delivering the content and a SMART Notebook software file. If your school has a SMART board, you can download the SMART Board software to to prepare lessons on your own computer: see the support section of the SMART site.

SMART Notebook file
Poetry in motion: the best words in the best orderPoetry in motion: Notebook file
Let me tell you a story: using the board to create a narrativeLet me tell you a story: Notebook file
In the spotlight: investigating with an interactive whiteboardIn the spotlight: Notebook file
Words within words: more motivating word level work
Words within words: Notebook file
Get it sorted: using the page sorter to plan essays
Get it sorted: Notebook file
Matchmaker: matching text types on the interactive whiteboardMatchmaker: Notebook file
Text mapping: mapping the verbal topography of a textText mapping: Notebook file
Digging for meaning: investigating texts in an archaeological wayDigging for meaning: Notebook file
Shades of meaning: investigating texts using IWB techniquesShades of meaning: Notebook file

You may also like to look at the case study on Using SMART Notebook 10 for refining and presenting information by Sam Custance for examples of ways one teacher is using her interactive whiteboard.

Sharing, not Staring

More ideas for your interactive whiteboard from NATE

You will find many more activities for interactive whiteboards in the NATE publication Sharing, not Staring, edited by Trevor Millum and Chris Warren. This book contains seventeen lesson activities and comes with a CD of resources you can use on any make of whiteboard.

Find out more about Sharing, not Staring on the publications page.